Auto Power 9 LED Fog Light for Cars and Bikes Price: 1,500.00 239.00 (as of 20/02/2020 02:25 PST- Details)



AutoPowerz (Love Enterprises) Imported 9 LED Fog Light for Cars and Bikes (Fog Light Pair with Normal Switch)

9 LED Fog Light for Cars and Bikes

Colour:Fog Light Pair With Normal Switch

A universal fitment for bikes and cars with a cooling mechanism, the offered white light led is appreciated for its extended brightness or heat-dissipating design.

15w led work light flood beam off-road lamp truck, 4wd boat 4×4 camping, application: Led is a new form of energy-saving lighting, an led work light widely utilized in car lights, light trucks, off-road lights, headlights, and other automotive lighting machinery and industrial field, patrol, a rabbit and other special or mobile ambient lighting.


  • Wide operating voltage range,
  • The appearance of fine craft and easy to put in brackets,
  • Different sizes to choose between installed in different locations,
  • Different light pattern from flood beam and spot beam,
  • Long life: More than 30000 hours,
  • Aluminium cg, shock-proof water-resistant better,
  • Light perception: A softer light to stop glare.


  • Input voltage: 12-80v dc,
  • Led: 9 led,
  • Ingress protection: Ip67,
  • Colour temperature: 6000-6500k,
  • Working temperature: 25c- 65c,
  • Dimension: 8cm x 7cm x 6cm,
  • Weight: 191g,
  • Beam angle: 30 degree (flood), comprises: 2 x 15w led with 1 pcs normal switch.

9 led fog light is the easiest addition to motorcycles, cars, ATV and other vehicles
AutoPowerz 9 led fog light / work light can easily face up to extreme weather conditions.
Fog light will also be easily installed over the motorcycles, car or other vehicle within few minutes

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